Welcome to the new beneunson.com!

I'm very excited to launch the newly updated beneunson.com! This will be the only place where you'll find my music, transcriptions, information about my future live performances, and plenty more!

You'll now be able to find more details about my recorded works as a leader, as well as all of the recordings I've played on. Also, if you'd like to learn with me, you can now head to my new website bensguitarclub.com which now features 9 full guitar masterclasses, along with two bundle packages.

Additionally, I will be periodically publishing blog posts where I'll be sharing my thoughts on a wide variety of music-related topics. Make sure to drop a comment and share your thoughts as well. You'll be hearing more from me very soon.



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I look forward to learning from you, impressed with the variety of your triad teachings and blending of them in your solos! I see now after 50 yrs of on and off attention to my playing that I should have learned this all yrs ago!! I hope to learn much from you even at my age (61). Is Patreon or your bensguitarclub website the best way to learn? $ is not the issue, only wanting to know your thoughts on which is best way path to go?
TL Cauthen

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